So I wrote a book. Here’s what people are saying about this book:

“One of the best business and leadership books of 2017.” —Fast Company

“The Best Personal Development & Human Behavior Book of 2017” — 800-CEO-Reads

Weird in A World That's Not is an honest, often hilarious, take on traditional career guides. Romolini draws not only from past failures, but also from her many years of success, to drop truth bombs aimed at women battling everything from sexism to self-consciousness in their professional lives.”— Elle Magazine

“There are plenty of career guides out there that promise to help you land your dream job. But none of them are as honest and funny and real as Weird in a World That’s Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, and Failures.” — HelloGiggles

Weird in a World That’s Not blends the story of [Romolini’s] own personal and professional growth — failures and successes included — with some truths she’s learned along the way, all in a sassy voice that will remind you of your smart older sister after a cocktail.” — Bustle 

“Part career guide, part cautionary tale; part memoir, part motivation. With the candor and charm of a big sister/best friend, Jennifer Romolini has magically written a book as funny as it is wise.” —Rumaan Alam, author of That Kind of Mother and Rich & Pretty

“This is my new favorite ‘career advice’ book. Jennifer Romolini is like a brilliant, down-to-earth best friend who never judges and totally has your back.” — Jessica Bacal, author of Mistakes I Made at Work

“Jennifer Romolini has written a career guide for actual humans. Humans who make mistakes, have feelings, and are learning every day. Her advice is practical and no-nonsense while still being wonderfully empathetic, warm and funny. I would tell you this book is perfect for a woman just starting her career, but the honest truth is that even though I’ve been a manager for several years, I learned so much from Jenn about how to lead: with high expectations and compassion.” —Jessica Grose, editor in chief of Lenny and author of Soulmates and Sad Desk Salad